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For an apprentice witch working the Merchandicey shop of potions, enchantments, and magical artifacts, disaster is always one bad customer away.

When their shop owner returns all wrong from a day of "excavations" out on the city limits, they must successfully brew four potent potions at the request of the entity possessing the shop owner's body... or suffer the consequences. 

ALKAHEST: Possession is a free modern fantasy visual novel featuring unique endings and a variety of ways to get there. 

Play as the apprentice sat before their captor and survive the night... one way or another. 


  • 5 unique endings
  • 5 gorgeously-illustrated CGS
  • A high stakes alchemy simulator that truly impacts the course of your game
  • A  corrupt world where magic is both innate and gated by the ruling powers, and a glimpse into the lives of 6 individuals just trying to get by 

This game is currently in development with a projected launch date of September 2020.

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